Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Creating Sexy Brain

Learning is the new sexy.....

A stimulated brain can be really powerful and sexy. When you are learning some thing new you are stimulating your brain and creating good chemicals, you know those feel good chemicals we crave more of. Mental stimulation can give you clarity and a more optimistic outlook, it can also create many different emotions depending on what the stimulation is. I know myself when I am stimulated through learning and development it can also feel good that it creates a great sense of achievement when we succeed in what we are learning. 

Getting outside of your comfort zone 

This can create many different chemical reactions in your body and can send the brain into a bit of a spin. Imagine learning something you have always wanted to like, ballroom dancing, Karate, speed reading or parachuting. You can fluctuate between excitement and fear, but you still want to do it anyway. I remember the first time I was about to tandem parachute I wanted to be sick but really wanted to do it. I had that fear of the unknown and the excitement of doing something new.

A little bit of stress can create a sense of fear but also that feeling of wanting more. I don't know about you but if I am having a massage from sitting to long or exerting myself when exercising it hurts but its a pain that you know will help in the long term. Learning is a bit like this, you know its hard but you know their are rewards at the end. 

Why create a sexy brain

Do you want to learn how to create a sexy brain? Here are a few simple things to do to get started. In this blog I am going to share some very simple facts about learning and how this can create a sexiness about you I am certain you had not really thought to much about.

When you develop your brain you feel more sure of yourself as you have a wider variety of knowledge and you may also become attracted to people who also have a desire to create a sexy brain. When you have greater confidence in your ability to do new things you develop a greater capacity to overcome challenges in life as you learn new way of focusing, planning and searching for results.

 Growth is part of human development, we can grow through choice or we grow through force. What I mean by this is if you choose to learn new skills then that's through choice. If you are forced to grow this can be from something negative such as being performance managed in your workplace or in your personal life a relationship breaks down through lack of communication or due to two people growing apart.

How to start to develop a sexy brain

Step 1
Be curious and seek opportunities to learn
Step 2 
Create a healthy lifestyle, good food, plenty of water and fresh air and sunshine, no/reduce chemical stimulants

Step 3
Leave fear behind and embrace new ideas and concepts (False Evidence Appearing Real)
Step 4
Start reading, watching and emulating, sometimes we learn bets from others who are doing it well.

What does creating a sexy brain bring to your life

  • A greater intellect and can create a craving for learning
  • A greater depth of conversation with anyone as you have a wider knowledge base
  • A healthier brain is a stimulated brain, not full of false stimulants
  • A sense of clarity that can encourage creativity in various aspects of life

I love Dr Amen's work on Brain Health and I have attached a link that talks about the prescriptions to Brain Health 

A number of years ago I read a book called "The Brain that changes itself" this was an amazing book that gave me such a thirst for information about the brain and Neuroplasticity. 

Now this is not to say you want to learn about the brain, but what ever you want to learn about or develop skills in you can access. We have a wealth of free information at our fingertips, all you have to do is get started!