Monday, January 30, 2017


Doing your best


In life and business we can get caught up in the game of competition, keeping up with others, meeting KPI's and earning more dollars. Competitiveness is a good thing if it aligns with your goals and values. Sometimes though we get beaten down with feelings of inadequacy because we are comparing our self to others opposed to doing our best and being proud of the progress we make. No matter how big or small, progress is progress, if it is moving you in the direction you want to go then be proud of this. Your level of progress also needs to be your measure and not of someone else.

Finding your best without holding others back or being held back


I'm not much of a runner and I have never been a runner. Even at school I was in the high jump and long jump where it was about small bursts opposed to long periods of running. Having said that I am starting to enjoy running and running for longer periods of time. The reason it's more enjoyable is I'm running my own race whilst doing the best I can. I still push and make progress but I'm not trying to be Usain Bolt or Melissa Breen, I am doing my best to be the best runner I can be.

As I continue my training for a big trek this year my partner and I go for a run and as I said, I am not a runner. So when I'm doing my best you may think that my partner is being held back as he can run faster and for longer than I can. We come up with a strategy that means we support each other and he does his best and I do mine. As I am running and get tired I slow down, and so that my partner isn't held back he runs ahead and then runs back toward me. So he is doing a greater distance but still supporting me and we are working out together which is important to both of us. Last time we ran I did 6km and he completed 7.7km. Likewise I am a stronger boxer and he had never boxed before so I support him to box with better technique and longer consistency in boxing and this pushes me and supports him to do his best.

Doing your best in business


Now use this analogy in your business or career, if you always do your best and seek to push yourself rather than comparing yourself to others you will have a greater advantage and be able to progress at a rate that may surprise you. It's also important to have a mentor or someone that is driving harder than you in business or a career. Your Mentor keeps you focused and you want this to be a driver, not a way to beat yourself up and not feel good enough.

If someone makes 50 sales calls a day and converts more than 60% of those calls into revenue, use that as a driver to measure your daily progress. Guaranteed when you use this as a positive you will get better results as you are doing your best. If you look at what someone else is doing and you don't use this as a driver in the forward direction, it will beat you and negative self talk will not support you to do your best.

Negative self talk
  • They have been doing this longer 
  • Ill never be as good on the phone
  • They don't have the history I have
  • They got better training than I did
And the list can be endless in how our negative self talk diminishes the knowledge that you are doing your best.

Self talk that drives
  • Wow they are fantastic on the phone, I can learn from this
  • I may not have gotten results today but tomorrow is another opportunity
  • I'm going to track every result till I turn 70% of my calls into revenue
  • Every day I get better at this
This list can be endless as long as you always do the best you can do and learn from yesterday.

7 Tips to always do your best;

  1. Plan the day before or the week before or even month before exactly what you want to achieve 
  2. Have good support around you, people who believe in you, inspire you.
  3. Write down all the things you do well and focus on those
  4. Build mental muscle every day, create a more resilient mindset
  5. Check in regularly to measure progress and adjust where you need to improve
  6. Its free to learn from the experts feed your mind with information that supports your journey  
  7. Ask this one question "Have I done the best that I can do with the resources I have at the time"
This is one of the most powerful questions I often ask myself. This keeps it real and the resources I have at the time will change as I grow and develop mental muscle, some of what I know now I didn't know 5 years ago....and that's ok.

Go do your best work and be the best version of you today.


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