Monday, January 30, 2017


Doing your best


In life and business we can get caught up in the game of competition, keeping up with others, meeting KPI's and earning more dollars. Competitiveness is a good thing if it aligns with your goals and values. Sometimes though we get beaten down with feelings of inadequacy because we are comparing our self to others opposed to doing our best and being proud of the progress we make. No matter how big or small, progress is progress, if it is moving you in the direction you want to go then be proud of this. Your level of progress also needs to be your measure and not of someone else.

Finding your best without holding others back or being held back


I'm not much of a runner and I have never been a runner. Even at school I was in the high jump and long jump where it was about small bursts opposed to long periods of running. Having said that I am starting to enjoy running and running for longer periods of time. The reason it's more enjoyable is I'm running my own race whilst doing the best I can. I still push and make progress but I'm not trying to be Usain Bolt or Melissa Breen, I am doing my best to be the best runner I can be.

As I continue my training for a big trek this year my partner and I go for a run and as I said, I am not a runner. So when I'm doing my best you may think that my partner is being held back as he can run faster and for longer than I can. We come up with a strategy that means we support each other and he does his best and I do mine. As I am running and get tired I slow down, and so that my partner isn't held back he runs ahead and then runs back toward me. So he is doing a greater distance but still supporting me and we are working out together which is important to both of us. Last time we ran I did 6km and he completed 7.7km. Likewise I am a stronger boxer and he had never boxed before so I support him to box with better technique and longer consistency in boxing and this pushes me and supports him to do his best.

Doing your best in business


Now use this analogy in your business or career, if you always do your best and seek to push yourself rather than comparing yourself to others you will have a greater advantage and be able to progress at a rate that may surprise you. It's also important to have a mentor or someone that is driving harder than you in business or a career. Your Mentor keeps you focused and you want this to be a driver, not a way to beat yourself up and not feel good enough.

If someone makes 50 sales calls a day and converts more than 60% of those calls into revenue, use that as a driver to measure your daily progress. Guaranteed when you use this as a positive you will get better results as you are doing your best. If you look at what someone else is doing and you don't use this as a driver in the forward direction, it will beat you and negative self talk will not support you to do your best.

Negative self talk
  • They have been doing this longer 
  • Ill never be as good on the phone
  • They don't have the history I have
  • They got better training than I did
And the list can be endless in how our negative self talk diminishes the knowledge that you are doing your best.

Self talk that drives
  • Wow they are fantastic on the phone, I can learn from this
  • I may not have gotten results today but tomorrow is another opportunity
  • I'm going to track every result till I turn 70% of my calls into revenue
  • Every day I get better at this
This list can be endless as long as you always do the best you can do and learn from yesterday.

7 Tips to always do your best;

  1. Plan the day before or the week before or even month before exactly what you want to achieve 
  2. Have good support around you, people who believe in you, inspire you.
  3. Write down all the things you do well and focus on those
  4. Build mental muscle every day, create a more resilient mindset
  5. Check in regularly to measure progress and adjust where you need to improve
  6. Its free to learn from the experts feed your mind with information that supports your journey  
  7. Ask this one question "Have I done the best that I can do with the resources I have at the time"
This is one of the most powerful questions I often ask myself. This keeps it real and the resources I have at the time will change as I grow and develop mental muscle, some of what I know now I didn't know 5 years ago....and that's ok.

Go do your best work and be the best version of you today.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Just do It - The choice is yours

What gets your juices flowing?

Have you ever thought about doing something and you get this feeling inside that excites you? As you think about it it brings a smile to your face? You feel inspired to do it again and again.

Have you always wanted to travel somewhere, to see something or experience something but have never gotten around to it?

This can be known as procrastination, however it can also be something deeper than that too. When you think about these things you may feel some trepidation or have some negative self talk that takes over, you may even tell yourself some of these statements;

When the kids get older,
When I have more time,
When I earn a certain income,
When we are not in such a hurry,
My partner doesn't think its a good idea,
It was a silly idea anyway, who would want to do that?

This can be some of the self talk that we have that holds us back from just doing it. If I have learned anything over the past few years it's that life is way to short to put things off. Life can change in a heartbeat and you may not be able to go and do the things you want to do. It could be a number of things I haven't even mentioned here, take some time to write them down so you can reflect on this after you have finished reading my blog. Just do it!

This morning it's 6am and I am sitting on the beach as the sun comes up writing this blog....just to be able to do this makes me smile. It feels truly authentic to be doing what I love and to have set up my life to be able to write where I want, when I want.

When desire drives you

Let me just take you back a few years so you know that I walk the talk at about 75% percent of the time, and I am working towards walking my talk 100% of the time. More than 30 years ago I was drawn to Anzac day and was intrigued to hear the stories of the battles to better understand what it was all about, what this meant for us and our freedom. I don't recall marching in the Anzac parade as a child but I do recall my children always marching in the parade. I also recall my Uncle Rubin who was in one of the wars marching every year. This intrigued me and I then started thinking later in life about Kokoda and for about 3-4 years I had this deep desire in me to trek Kokoda but was scared to do this alone.

After a few very tumultuous years going through a divorce I decided it was time to step outside of my comfort zone and commit. On April 18th 2012 I flew out to Port Moresby to start my journey. It was scary and exciting all at the same time but I knew deep in side me it was something I had to do. This took between 6-9 Months of preparation and it was life changing but more importantly it was doing something I had a deep desire to do and just went for it.

Read a blog on my Kokoda journey part 1 

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Making memories - Isn't this what life is all about? 

I wanted my Mum and Dad to have at least 1 overseas trip in their life as as they were creeping up to their 70's it was time to fulfill this dream. In October 2012 it was time to take Mum and Dad on a Cruise, a Carnival Cruise. Now cruises are actually more affordable than a holiday at the Gold Coast. Again self talk can dismiss the possibilities (its too expensive, we could never afford it).

Not only did we achieve this my Mum and Dad had the best time and I got to see them enjoy something they never thought possible. They visited Islands and watched us snorkel, tasted exotic foods and made memories they can cherish forever.

Whilst spending time at the coast with my family I loved the water and have a great fear of sharks and other deadly things in the ocean. I also had a desire to Kayak, safe and at a distance from biting  things. So in 2011 I created more business on the coast, was able to visit my family and learn how to kayak in Huskison NSW. This was in a beautiful area that was down calm waters as I built my confidence up. Now it is 2016 and I Kayak out in the open ocean, paddle board at the beach and snorkel in shallow wasters in the ocean. I am now also learning to swim in the ocean for better fitness and also I feel so peaceful swimming in a place I used to fear. 

Our Little piece of paradise

Another desire was to have a little getaway down the coast to be able to retreat to and have some down time, as my Dad would say you have to "work to live not live to work". Now I agree with this to a degree but I also know that I love what I do in my work and I don't feel its hard work. It also provides me with a life that I could never have imagined. This plan I worked on with my partner for about 12 months and we now have our own little getaway after some blood sweat and tears to make it ours. We often refer to this as our little piece of paradise and feel so grateful to have been able to create such a sanctuary.

Now there are lots of examples in my life where I just go for it and "Just do it" Jump out of a plane, change the direction of my business after losing 100K in income for the following year after government makes changes in our industry, trek Kokoda on my own without knowing a single person and lots more which will all be in my book, however my next journey will be in May 2017 where I will embark on a 800km walk "El Camino" Now this will be a significant journey and one I am extremely excited about.

So what have you been waiting for, what journey should you be experiencing? What conversations would you like to have that would get you more inspired to get started.  What could you do today to start a new movement in your life. Just in case you need a reminder life is pretty short so its time to take the bull by the horns and start doing the things you want to do, don't wait for something else to happen before you go after your desires.

Get started with a Bucket List  

The best way to get started is to write down a bucket list of 100 things you would like to do, 100 is not that many so it wont take you long to get there.
What books do you want to read, what movies or plays do you want to see, what experiences would you like to have? Anything is possible you just have to do it!

I once heard a saying that puts things into perspective for men who like fishing. If you love fishing but you only go fishing once a year and your in your 40's, at 80 you would have only gone fishing 40 more times. Ladies wear those shoes, don't wait for a special occasion and leave them hidden. What have you put off or what don't you think you deserve to experience? 

Till Next time, live passionately and make beautiful memories.....Just do it!

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Donna Moulds