Saturday, June 4, 2016

Purpose and Passion


When your purpose is a little blurry!

When you can't see the forest for the trees!
Knowing my purpose has always been a natural thing to me and was always very easy to articulate to others, that is until recently. Recently I have found myself not knowing my purpose and I'm talking about deep inside, not knowing what all this is about and why I am doing what I am doing. For me this is foreign territory and I don't like it, not one little bit.  

Our industry seems to be in turmoil with such corrupt behavior detracting from  our education and training industry. I won't delve into here as I want to stay focused on results and we all know if you can't change it don't waste energy on it. Another RTO damages reputations across our industry.

As much as I can, I am embracing the stage I am going though but I feel extremely vulnerable and off my game. Throughout the past 9 years I have been steadfast in my purpose and in my business, lets face it I teach people new skills, empower life changing results in people and help them start or change careers. Now in all honesty that is pretty awesome stuff if I do say so myself, however I feel like I have lost that vision for where we are going as an organisation and as an individual I feel disheveled and certainly disappointed in the current state of affairs of our training industry, and that's not a great place to be.

I know some of you reading this may ask why disheveled and is that what you really mean? Yes untidy, disorganised, unprofessional.... they may seem like strange feelings or thoughts but when I decided to write this post it was about being authentic and vulnerable as I am certain there are a number of you small business owners who may feel similar if not the same. 

Now don't get me wrong, we are still doing all of those things on a day to day basis and I have the best team around me, in fact the team I am surrounded with are vibrant, hungry for what we stand for, however internally I am not firing on all cylinders.   


When your passion isn't burning inside of you !

After being in business now for over 9 years I have been faced with a challenge that I have never seen before. You see I have always known my purpose from a very young age, well before I was even a teenager.  It started with being a Mum and I was just as passionate as a Mummy lion in the wild, mess with my cubs and I will kill first and speak later (as Jim Rohn once quoted about Mummy Lions in the wild) He was speaking about your passion in business and how you should be like a mummy lion with your passion for what you do.

In 2007 I was a passionate entrepreneur who would take on the world of adult education. I had a natural ability to get a message across to people and could teach new skills even though I was in such a learning curve myself. Thrust into being in business alone after a separation from my then business partner and husband, I was hungry for it all, passionate about the possibilities and determined never to fail, or as I would later find out fail many times but get back up, dust myself off and get on with it.  

9 Years later I am still very passionate about teaching and love to immerse students in learning new skills and building their confidence and emotional intelligence for them to take on new and exciting ventures, however me myself am feeling less passionate about my life purpose. 

So the question is "what can I do to get out of the slump of lacking purpose and passion"? One of the steps I took was to really acknowledge this is the case. Tell myself the truth about where I am in my life right now and how I'm really feeling regardless of how bad it is. Denial is disempowerment!

Refocus and realign

Getting your vision crystal clear
At this point I would like to clarify that it's not fixed, I am and will always be a work in progress and right now feel that I am turning a corner for bigger and better results. I am still observing myself and making changes in my approach and each day I take action is a day closer to realigning in my new purpose and feeling truly passionate again.  One of the things that gives me feedback constantly is that self reflection about how I am feeling and that fire in my belly that is surging through me on a more frequent basis.

If you want to know if your on the right path again check in internally each day to see how you are going, if nothing changes then you need to do something different and check-in again. We all know the sign of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result".

Things I do to get my Purpose and passion back.

  • Take the time to assess how I am feeling
  • Ask myself what I really want in life (look at the 4 quadrants of life)
  • Re-evaluate my personal and business goals
  • Set audacious goals that align to my core values both personal and business
  • Establish my teams values and goals
  • Take action to work towards them
  • Write it all down and have an action plan to cross things off the list (this helps show you where your making progress) 
  • Do daily gratitude's to remind myself of all that I am grateful for
  • Meditate (this can assist if sleeping becomes an issue)
At times I also need to take more aggressive steps to shift me. 
  • Engage the assistance of an expert coach or business mentor
  • Listen to my mentors audio programs over and over again until its so embedded in my thinking it becomes natural
  • Notes on my bathroom mirror reminding me daily about the achievements not the failures
  • Say no to unimportant things (don't be distracted by things that take your focus away)
  • Refuse to listen to people who try to take you off track. (intentionally or unintentionally)
You will know when your Passion and Purpose are reignited as you will have regained crystal clear focus and a fire in your belly. 

Till next time, live purposefully and passionately we only have one shot in this life! 

Donna Moulds

Books that may ignite your fire:

The compound effect - Darren Hardy
The 10X Rule - Grant Cardone
The success principles - Jack Canfield
The 15 Invaluable laws of growth - John Maxwell
Start where you are - Chris Gardener

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