Sunday, November 29, 2015


As an Entrepreneur I often seek out the philosophy of other successful business owners and how they keep focused. What I have discovered is when they attain what they regard as successful Gratitude is one of the consistent emotions/behaviors that have helped them get to where they are today.    

I don’t think I really ever understood the true feeling of gratitude until recently. I have practiced being deeply grateful by using a journal where I write what I am grateful for. I wake in the morning and before I get out of bed I take the time to think about what I am most grateful for. I also do this before I go to sleep at night.

I think I have always been grateful and appreciate what I have however there is a feeling I now get that is one like I don’t think I have felt so deeply before. I have felt ebbs and flows of gratitude but they never seemed to last and then I go through a period of challenge and feel I have to start the process of being conscious about gratitude again. This was a constant frustration for me.

Finding your Happy Place

We all have a place where we are inspired or feel like we are at peace. It can be a room in the house or a mountain top, for me it’s by the sea and when I am at home its my garden. When i am by the sea I love to hear the waves crashing and there is never a moment that is the same as the last, the tide is different the sky is different and its always interesting to watch.

Spending time by the sea has been the best medicine especially when I have felt burned out. Its truly amazing how things have changed over the past 10-12 weeks (as quickly as that). Sitting by the ocean just watching the tide come in and out and reflecting on how life can change in a heartbeat has been truly healing for my soul.

I feel so full and internally alive, I feel like I have such freshness about everything in my body, from the air that I breath to the blood that runs through my veins. Its such a beautiful feeling that I am just in awe of whats happening. This has been consistently increasing in its level of intensity for many months now and its really exciting. Who knows where this will take me?

I have a feeling of peace and enlightened sense of self. Sitting here letting the sun warm my skin and just listening to the waves roll in. Walking along the sand and seeing the simple things that just give me so much pleasure. Whats amazing is I am always under the pump during the week going from one meeting to the next, one student after another and data entry coming out my ears, yet when I escape I don’t even look at the time. Its like another world and I can assure you I am switching over in a heartbeat.

A new way of life

After training my mind on how to do things differently I am now like a duck to water, I switch off and just wind down, I find myself relaxing about 30-45 minutes into the drive before I even get to the ocean. Now for me personally that’s pretty good and this is definitely something for me to improve on. Whilst I know we can be centered and find the calm peaceful feeling without driving to the ocean, but you have to admit that’s a really cool way of winding down and relaxing after a very busy week.

What is most incredible is I am still working 12-14 hours a day during the week but I now take every second Friday off. The benefits of this are:
  • I have a clearer plan for the future
  • I am planning better and longer term 5-10 years
  • I am more productive at the office
  • I value the time I have off more
  • I have a full weekend off and ensure its filled with fun and exercising
  • Quality time with my partner
  • I feel like I am recovering from burnout not just band aiding the problem
  • I have more energy and excitement about future possibilities 

Steps to increase gratitude 

Start with daily thoughts of Gratitude "I am deeply grateful for .......

If you can think of 5 things that you are grateful for this will help you stay focused and consistent in your efforts to be grateful. Before you close your eyes at night take few minutes to reflect on the day and focus only on those things that brought you joy or laughter, love and happiness.

"I am deeply grateful for the Love in my heart" I am truly grateful for the roof over my head, or food on the table" you can start with the simplest things and build from there. 

Even in the darkest of times we can still find things to be grateful for. Each day we have blessings come our way we just need to take a moment and see them. 

Till next time