Thursday, January 15, 2015

Create a powerful VISION for 2016

A clear vision can help you stay focused on what your want. Think about a time when you were looking to buy a car or another item, once you decided that was the item/car, the color or the style you started to see this same one everywhere. This is because it was in your consciousness/awareness. Once something is in your awareness its starts to appear, it was probably always there but you never saw it until you decided to look.
Our level of consciousness about what we want changes and we can become very focused on getting that thing once we commit. The decisions you make can easily change to support what you want and you start to create ways in which you can achieve what you want much faster than before. A vision board can help you stay focused, imagine seeing what you want every day, when you see it, feel it, even taste it, your action’s are focused on getting it.
A Vision board is one way to create a clear picture and it doesn’t have to be a material item it could be something that you want to implement into your life, like better nutrition to support your body or meditation to reduce stress, your vision board can have pictures of programs, seminars to attend, it could also have images of places to go, like walking in the rain-forest or on the beach regularly.

Here is a sample of a vision board, it can have anything that you want on it, pictures from magazines, words that inspire, time frames to achieve them Mentors that you aspire to become like. Anything that works for you is key to making it a success. Everyone needs to have their own style and ideas and it should be very personalised and clear.

So I guess you may be asking how do you get started?  Well all you need is a large piece of cardboard or a pin board and ideas. Think really deeply about what you want and just start writing down some ideas. If you want this to be a family vision board then you need to get everyone involved and have their ideas placed on the board too, however start with your dreams and think about all aspects of your life, physical, spiritual, career, financial and relationships and be clear about what you want in all areas of your life.

Last year I started using a metaphor of a bucket to inspire my vision board and have words coming out of a bucket, I have images of skills that I want to develop, so I found the books that can help me develop the skills and I printed a picture of the book. 

Note: An important key to remember is that this doesn’t have to cost anything for example I can go to the library and borrow a book to help me develop skills. If I want to learn how to have better health I can connect to groups that have all the information I need to get ideas.

Then go to work on your vision, each day do something towards achieving your vision for the future. One thing each day is a step in the right direction, it’s called action. You can have all the goals and the best vision board you like, however if you don’t take consistent action toward achieving them then it’s unlikely to happen. One step forward is a step in the right direction.

If you need help setting goals and creating a vision board, contact our team and we can help you put a plan into action. You never know this could be the start of possibility.

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