Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Create the life you love

If you must work, work at something you love rather than something you hate!

You may have heard the saying;
"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life", Confucius

If you create the life you love and the career that fills you with purpose imagine the possibility of never having to work another day in your life, what kind of life would this be for you and your family? What would this feel like to go to work on your dreams everyday? Just sit for a moment and ponder the idea.

Every day is a day of purpose for me, I am living the life of contribution that I was meant to live. How do I know this? Each day feels just right, I am inspired and creative and always looking to do it better. Even when their is adversity or something isn't going the way I planned I still love what I do. My career is aligned with my values and internally I feel balanced. Their are times when I am not feeling so balanced and this is generally when I am doing something that isn't aligned with my purpose, so I become conscious of this and then realign to get back to what I love doing.

When you know what your purpose is life becomes easier because you are living it every day and when you are not living your purpose you can feel out of balance, or unnatural in your environment. Being in balance can feel peaceful and aligned even when you face challenges in life.

For me........... I am in balance when I am doing the work I love, making a contribution, eating well, sleeping well and exercising. This is not hard to achieve when you know what your purpose is. 

Take a look at the 7 signs and decide which one is your experience, hopefully you are already living the life you love.
7 Signs you are living your purpose:

      1.       You love every day that you work in your chosen career

      2.       You are passionate about getting the results you desire

      3.       Time doesn’t matter its just a number on the clock

      4.       You have ideas and share them with the team

      5.       Your future focused

      6.       Challenges are just a hurdle to overcome

      7.       You can think of 50 things you love about your career

7 Signs you are not living your purpose:

      1.       You wake up on Monday morning and feel dread or stress

      2.       You count down the hours each day

      3.       You’re not passionate about what you do in your 9-5 day

      4.       You work each day to stay under the radar

      5.       You don’t contribute to ideas as you don’t see the point

      6.       You think obstacles mean someone is out to get you

      7.       You can’t come up with 10 things you love about your career

 If you find that you are living your life's purpose then WELL DONE!

If you found that you are not living your life's purpose then maybe its time to realign and head in the right direction. As Dr Wayne Dyer would say "Its time to go home".

In my next Blog I will talk about ways to discover your purpose and develop an action plan to create the life you love and the Career that lights you up!

Till then live passionately, we only get one shot.