Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Small Business Owners – Self Care Tips

Taking care of your Mind, Body and Spirit

As a small business owner we are always really busy running our business, juggling working on the business V working in the business. For me personally this has always been a hurdle to overcome. Its important to network, consistent marketing, plan the month and the year and many more administrative tasks. Whilst every year I get better at the balance act their are some key reasons why. Do you want to know my secret? Well keep ready because its really simple, its not rocket science and its not a magic potion that promises a quick fix. Al I did was study what the successful people are doing............Simple right?.......................Yeah I know easier said than done!

Sometimes life gets on top of you and you can easily get out of balance, I know I have certainly been there before. As a small business owner you can spread yourself pretty thin at times and the things that work can go by the wayside, a balanced diet can seem challenging, time to exercise or meditate can seem almost impossible with your busy schedule. However what if you could get more done, be more productive, think clearer and feel more creative juices flowing. The biggest benefit for me personally has been quality sleep.

However it is important to recognise that this balance is what makes you so productive. I know that I am very productive and get many tasks done in a day that may take some people 3 days, only because I am organised and sharp, only because I look after my mind Body and spirit. Its a priority!

Mind – I am constantly filling my mind with good stuff, this could be educational, inspirational or even spiritual information or it could even be to address a skills gap or refresh a skill in sales, communication or best practice teaching techniques.

Information is everywhere and we have access to infinite amounts of information at the click of a finger these days. Ask yourself……what kind of information are you filling your mind with?
Are you listening to the news, are you constantly listening to talk back radio. Even the people we surround ourselves with can have a negative or positive impact on our life. What are you filling your mind with? Track this for a week and you may be surprised.
Body – Our body is the only house we live in and we have to make it last a lifetime. I often see retired sports men and women who nurse such terrible injuries and some people I know live with chronic pain from neglecting their body. I cant imagine waking up each day and starting with a feeling of pain or discomfort. Like me if you in you 40's you still have a long stay in your body. I have at least another 50 years in this house (body) of mine and I want to make sure it sustains me. My organs and especially core strength are going to ensure I balance and stability in old age.Working out vigorously for 30 minutes a day with 1 rest day is all it takes to make a difference and enjoy better health and a feeling of accomplishment. 

Spirit – The definition of spirit may vary in respect to meaning, For me spirit is being in balance, feeling content happy and deep feeling of well-being. By well-being I am referring to is inner peace and contentment, my body and mind feeling good. I achieve this through a number of strategies; the most important one to me is meditating, the art of being still and going within. I never really thought about this too much in my 20’s or even early 30’s, now that I am in my 40’s it is very high on the list of daily practice. If you need a place to start read 10 Mindful minutes by Goldie Hawn and you will see what this practice is doing for children in schools.

When you realise you are out of balance then that’s a good time to stop and reflect on how you can get some balance back into your life at a steady achievable pace. make sure it is something you can sustain long term. It’s a false concept to think you can get back in balance instantly because it wasn’t instantly that you became out of balance, chances are you became out of balance well before you recognised it.

What we know from many years of experience is that we do what is important to us or seems to be the priority. So if being in balance is a priority you will seek the answers you need.

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