Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Resilience Beyond Contemplation

"Resilience Beyond Contemplation" is a term I feel very strongly about as I don't think we realise how resilient we are until faced with challenges or adversity in our life. Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to learn from and grow from these moments. I would like you to also keep in mind that being resilient doesn't mean being a door mat and having to bounce back from other peoples bad behavior.

In business we need to have bucket loads of resilience to develop strategies and build businesses, we need to learn how to keep going when the door gets shut, when the phone hangs up on the 10th sales call or when the business is not progressing the way you would like it to. Resilience is also valuable when you have a high pressure career and you have teams that need managing, resilience allows you to be a leader.

Becoming a resilient individual
Resilience can come down to how we perceive a situation or an experience. Bouncing back after being bent out of shape, taken out of your comfort zone, or just having to deal with life challenges such as conflict, divorce or a major illness. Self talk is also a big part of building resilience, the more you tell yourself you can do it the more strength and determination you can build.
I think that we become more resilient when we learn strategies to overcome obstacles or hardship in life. To be a resilient individual you must ask yourself some important questions when faced with tough situations. Can I change the situation? if you cant then you need to move on and learn from this. Is this problem as big as I am making it? look at the problem with an open mind and see if you are simple making this bigger than it needs to be.Once the problem is resolved or dealt with as best you can reflect and learn from the situation so not to be in that position again.

Being part of a resilient team
A resilient team balance one another and keep the objectives clear, they fight the battles united and reach the top together, they build on one another strengths and overcome weaknesses together. After the battle is done they celebrate and come back stronger for the next challenge. They know that they can count on their colleagues and the resilient team grow stronger with every situation.

Creating a resilient organisation
leaders create resilient organisations by trust and integrity and helping people up. Up the ladder of leadership, Up the pathway of knowledge and into the realm of strategic thinking and then in turn create resilient teams leading by example. 
It is my belief that resilience is something that we are all born with and we continue to develop at a very young age, children themselves are very resilient, just look at those children going through Cancer and other illnesses, they fight hard and you will often see them smiling even at the toughest times. 
As we grow up I think we become less resilient based on how we are raised. Tough love is a term we have all heard and this can also be a means to creating resilience, however as adults we forget that we have resilience within us and when we get knocked down though adversity and challenge we forget how to get up again and keep fighting. Fear is also very debilitating if you let it overwhelm you. False Evidence Appearing Real is my way of looking at FEAR.

Over the weekend I heard a very profound statement by Will Smith in the movie "After Earth". I am referring to a moment where he describes how he learned to ghost and the point when he realised the Ursa (enemy) couldn't see him because he didn't FEAR it anymore and he describes this moment to his Son. FEAR is in our minds, Fear is a Choice he says, it is where we fear something that has not happened and may never happen in the future. I think FEAR can debilitate us from becoming resilient.

Create a resilient mind and strive to be the best that you can be no matter what obstacles come your way.

 Donna Moulds