Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keeping up Momentum in Business

When the momentum is flowing!

For a number of months now I have been listening to The Compound Effect with Darren Hardy. Now when I say for a few months I mean I am listening to it over and over again because I know  from experience as I develop new skills I hear more than I heard listening for the first time or the second time. I am very proud to say I am up to the 7th time of listening to the program and I still hear lots of information and strategies that resonates with me or I need to work on to build the muscle.

In The Compound Effect Darren talks about Big Mo....also known as momentum, and he confirms that Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and a number of others have this and that's how they got to where they are today. I look back over the years I have been in business and I can see the times when I have had Big Mo and when I didn't. 

Have you ever felt like you are on top of the world and everything you do and everything you touch is flowing beautifully and you feel like the hard work is paying off! You have it all coming together and your creating a great future. You seem to be thinking clearer and functioning at a high level day after day and achieving what you set out to do. The chemicals in your brain are amazing, you breath freely and effortlessly, you are in what I call flow. Also known as momentum when you are building on all the great things that come from hard work, focus, and commitment to get to the outcome .  

This is a time when "If you keep doing what your doing you will keep getting what you've got.Which is a great place to be, however we can become complaisant and back off a bit and then like the Merry go Round the momentum slows down and can even come to a screaming holt. Just like if you were pumping water, you pump and pump and after a few minutes you get a few drops and if you keep going the water will build up and then the momentum will cause it to flow consistently. If we stop pumping we stop getting the water. Well being in Business is the same....if you are building relationships and developing new clients then you need to keep up the momentum or it will slow down and even come to a holt and then you have to start all over again.

Over the past 6-8 Months we have been building up momentum with our web rankings and social media and what we know is, this is paying of, but if we stop even for a month we will loose all the progress we have made over the last 8 months. This would be both disheartening and detrimental to the business if we let this slide even for a short period of time. 

What do you do when you lose your momentum?

Lets break this down to easy manageable steps, with real questions that you need to ask yourself and your team if that's applicable.

  1. Where do I want to be or what do I want to achieve? In terms of progress or success or even if your not in business and you want to build your career.
  2. Have I been there before...If YES follow steps 1 and 2 below, if NO then go to step 3
    1. What was I doing that was working previously and then do it again better and more consistantly
    2. Identify what obstacles were there or are still there and remove them. 
  3. Set up a plan for what you want and be very specific and give yourself a time frame (Use the SMART goals process if it will help) 
  4. Find someone that is already there and do what they are doing. Take then to lunch and ask how they do what they do.
  5. Check in regularly to see you are making progress, have an accountability person to keep you on track.
  6. Keep using the strategies that work for you such as Potential, Action, Belief and Results (all in my last Blog)
You will soon see when you have momentum happening and just hold on tight and take the ride of your life.

When you believe you can achieve!

Donna Moulds

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