Monday, January 14, 2013

Success Follows Consistent Action

Are you consistently working towards your success?

Success comes when you keep doing what works, and when you keep doing what works you reach your goals. Have you ever met anyone that seems to have it all, and you wonder how they got it all?

If you were to ask them I can guarantee you that one of the strategies that got them everything was consistency. Think of a weight lifter for example, did they get the body shape or the toned muscles by being inconsistent....I think not....An athlete didn't get to their gold medal by training when they felt like it, and I bet if you asked a successful entrepreneur if consistency got them where they are today  they would probably declare YES with gusto.

Now you can also be consistent in doing the things that don't work and this will get you no-where. If you have ready any of my Blogs previously you will have read "If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got" So what I am really saying is if you consistently do the negative things that don't lead you towards success you will not reach your success.

Anything success that is worthwhile will take a plan with a bit of passion, fight and belief in what you want to achieve. what ever you believe you can achieve with consistent action toward what you want.

I recently came across what Anthony Robbins calls the Holy Grail and what he explains in this diagram is so powerful. When you can understand the diagram you can truly get real with yourself and your potential.
Anthony Robbins

At the end of this really informative video Anthony Robbins gives a great explanation into why some take action consistently and others don't!

I have written a short blog this week as the video is long and really worth watching.

So go forth with passion and consistency and reach your dreams. I know I am.

Donna Moulds

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