Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Planning Is A Key to Success

The 6 P's help me remember the benefits of planning

Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, this is a reminder of how planning means things go smooth and mostly in the order I have planned. This concept helped me achieve my Kokoda Trek in April of this year (2012) and meant that I was organised and had a successful journey.  

One of my great mentors helped me understand the power in planning and that this is also about taking control of your destiny. Without a plan you have very little direction and you may not even have a destination. Planning is all about choices, think of a map, when you get to the fork in the road you have a choice to turn left or turn right. Now turning left can get you to your destination or take you in a completely different direction. if you take the wrong turn you may not be able to reach your planned destination.

"If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail" Jim Rohn

His words have never left me over the years and I know in my deepest knowing that this is so true and with the best intentions doesn't always happen the way we planned. Or sometimes we do plan and it doesn't work out for one reason or another. This can be because something outside our control changed.

I once heard someone say to me "My plans never worked out so whats the point in planning"? and my answer was "if you don't plan you leave your destiny in the hands of everyone else" 

I have also been told I need to be spontaneous and not plan everything, I agree with this for general things and to create fun in your life spontaneity is great. For the big things in life though I know that without a plan things can not possible go the way you want it to as you have not decided.

Imagine a Trainer not planning their courses and winging it? This would be disastrous for the students and the organisation, so i am sure you can see how planning is an important part of our professional life. Below I give you a more simple example with a vegetable garden to get your planning started. 

Deciding is a choice

CHOICES…. This is a simple word that can have negative or positive results, either way we get to choose or alternatively if we don't choose I can assure you someone else can make the choice for you. Think about the last time you procrastinated on something, what was the outcome? I recently had to make a choice and it wasn't a pleasant choice but the outcome was definitely for the greater good of all.

One way you can plan is to mind map your plan, this is a great tool if you are a visual person. You will see clearly once you have put this on paper or a white board. Then add to this or take parts away until you are happy with the plan. Another strategy is to know your outcome and work backwards from there. Act as if you have already achieved the end results, write down what you had to do to get there and you can create a plan to achieve the outcome. This strategy is very powerful as you can create an image and a feeling of what the plan will be like and what the plan will look like once completed.

Planning a Vegetable garden
Step 1 - Where do I put my garden, how much space do I have or need?
Step 2 - What do I want to grow in my Garden?
Step 3 - What will this cost or what is my Budget?
Step 4- Where can I buy this?
Step 5 - What else do I need to make this work?

We can have a very simple plan or a complex plan depending on what we want the outcome to be. I recently planted some hers and a tomato plant that will produce lots of fruit enough for Nicole and I to enjoy for summer salads. I used pots as I don't have a garden I have a courtyard.

So go plan some things and have fun with it and remember if you don't plan someone else will achieve your dreams.