Monday, October 1, 2012


What does success mean?

 "Accomplishment of an aim" This is one of the definitions in the dictionary and I would agree wholeheartedly. Some would argue we don't have to have a goal or purpose, but where would we be without purpose? The picture in this blog for me sums up determination which I feel can lead to great success or great failure. We can be so determined to be great, which can drive success or we can be so determined to be right which can lead to failure.

I asked some of my friends what Success means to them, and as I thought their were a number of varied response leading to the same. Accomplishment of an aim, a purpose. But more importantly I also think it is about Self Worth.  

Here are some of the responses I received. 
Success to me at the moment is getting past this anxiety and depression and being myself again..sounds lame but that's it..want my life to be normal again (I am grateful for her bravery to share this and do not think this is lame)  

To live your dreams and have a fulfilled life

Success is having a calculated and realistic WRITTEN plan in place stating your goals as well as the detailed steps/actions that you need to take to achieve them.

Success to me means, being truly happy with where you are right now, and who you are in this point of time.

Achieving the goals that you set for yourself is what success means to me , I think you know if your successful by the amount of pride you gain in yourself whether it be from material , financial or everyday living achievements !

For me personally I think I knew I was successful in many aspects of my life but I had all these rules around allowing myself to feel successful. One of them was “if I'm not successful am I a failure….wow where did that shit come from, I mean who thinks like that? was the only one? NO....after asking around it seems I was not the only one.

After further contemplation and questioning of others, it seems evident that there is a sense of purpose and direction around the idea of success and many stated an alignment of goals and values, leading to self worth.  
As a Mother I feel very successful as I have raised 4 children and they are all good people with a strong sense of love and family. To me this is one of my greatest successes. 5 years ago I started a Business and this has been a very big challenge and for a large part felt that success would never come till I realigned my values and purpose and realise we are successful when aligned with those values. 

I remember having a purpose to trek Kokoda and I was very driven and had a clear specific goal to complete the trek. It was also in line with my values and after walking into the Village of Kokoda I felt I had achieved success and I had a great sense of self worth.

Why do some think success is unobtainable?

I looked back on my work with the some of the homeless shelters and have observed the lack of direction and purpose in their lives and  realise that without the knowledge of setting a goal or having a future focus that success may seem unobtainable. As the saying goes "we don't know what we don't know." 

So here is what I want to finish with and as usual please keep in mind this is my personal opinion based on my experience and observation. Its not right or wrong it just is.

With increased awareness and self worth we can open up our creative thinking about our future, therefore aiming for something that we want to achieve to bring us closer to inner peace, happiness and successfully living in the now with a future focus.


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