Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Communication Via Social Networks!

You may read the heading and think "what would she know about this". Well I probably know as much or as little about the subject as most.

Here is what I do know. We are communicating less effectively than just 10 years ago. We are saying less and typing far to much.

Human beings have been communicating for centuries, since the dawn of time. Today we have more ways of communicating that we care to think about. The point to discussion is to get you thinking about how communication is taking place in your experience, and to ask the question "What is the most appropriate way to communicate what I need to say right now"?

You see, we need to be more conscious of this question and stop texting and start thinking first. When an email or a text has left your device, you can not take it back. Have you ever pressed send and regretted it?

Have you ever been guilty of communicating poorly and out of feeling frustrated. I know I have.... Have you sent a text when you should have called, have you left a voicemail when you needed to say it face to face? Are you playing an argument out on face book. Giving important news to your family via Twitter?

These are all questions you could ask yourself, and then think consciously the next time you are about to communicate a message to someone.

I think Texting is great, here are some things that are really suited for text
  • "We are out of Milk, Mum can you grab some"
  • "On my way just running late be 5 min"
  • "I'm in a meeting but wanted to let you know i am thinking of you"
Here are some things we should not text and need to say face to face and discuss, yet these things are being text or put on Face book. Cyber Bullying is out of control and we have many dedicated sites to support our teens and even some adults are being bullied.

Some of the conversation that should not be had via text;
  • "I don't love you anymore"
  • "Where would you like to go this weekend"
  • What you said last night really upset me and i think we need to resolve this now over text"
face book is another format that we are not thinking about. Employers are now looking at face book as a way to get insight into the people they may employ and i can tell you from experience, Many people have missed out on traineeships due to their face book posts and photo's.

I see everyday the great benefits to the social media for business and connecting with loved one's who are far away. However on the flip side the lack of thought about Facebook being around long after the disagreement has happened or the poor decision of a photo being posted that you never want to be reminded of, lurks around the corner for the rest of our life. Even when your profile is gone the information is in many hands or devices i should say.

So on reflection take the time to think about how you could communicate better and if the conversation needs to be Face to face where emotions are seen and understood and you can connect the way we were born to connect. Their is nothing like a hug to say your sorry to a loved one or a genuine handshake to mend broken relationships in business and friendship.

I would love to read your feedback and some examples of communication that could have been done differently providing a very different outcome.

Donna Moulds