Monday, August 9, 2010

Industry Standards and Keeping Up!

Industry Standards and keeping up with change!!
In the training market, training packages are continuously being changed, updated and endorsed. This is related to many factors including continues improvement and also what the industry is saying about the needs of the marketplace and delivery of quality programs. One of the recent changes is the Training & Assessment field is the new cert IV.
New …….Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
The new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) replaces the superseded Certificate IV qualification (TAA40104) and will become the new ‘entry level qualification required for trainers and assessors of training package qualification as determined by the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF2010).
Program participants will develop skills and knowledge in exceptional training practices, assessment and developing and delivering effective and engaging training programs every time.
Participants achieving this qualification will develop skills and knowledge in:
§ The role of training in organisations and the Skills Framework that supports and governs
§ The principles of competency based training and assessment
§ The training cycle including identifying training needs and promoting training
§ Identifying a range of training delivery methods & resources
§ Creative and innovative learning strategies and resources
§ Planning, designing and delivering effective training sessions incorporating
§ Communication skills
§ Empower, engage and motivate learners
§ Adult learning principles
§ The learning environment and how to enhance opportunities for learner’s engagement
§ Evaluating the effectiveness of training and making recommendations and implementing continuous improvement practices
§ Planning, conducting and reviewing workplace assessments in accordance with the principles of assessment
As times goes on we will experience subtle changes that this qualification will bring and also see evidence of the training industry level of trainers and programs increase to a better standard. In our organisation we have experienced three of our training packages change and also the AQTF2010 being endorsed. This has a impact on our organisation in respect to costs time and professional development.
Here is how to manage some of the changes.
# Regular team communication
# Prioritising changes
# Managing the requirements and allocating teams and timelines
# Continuous improvement strategies and documenting progress
Till next time keep productive