Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Staying Motivated In Uncertain Times [Part 1]

Being in business is filled with many uncertainties so why is this any different?
The life of the Business owner is a very exciting one, it has it moments of hardships but above all it has more moments of achievement, prosperity and triumph.
We get to make the rules, we get to create the opportunities and we also have to take on the task of keeping motivated. One of the greatest opportunities I have been blessed with is meeting other like minded people. I have a mission to stay away from Dream Stealers, you know those they tell you it’s not possible or it won’t work or you’re not smart enough. I am here to tell you if you have a big enough WHY the how will come.
So here are some tips I use to stay motivated.
o I find all the free seminars and go to them first.…there are many of them happening all the time.
o I set clear goals with time frames attached to keep you accountable
o I share my vision and desire for the ultimate success of my Business and my personal life (what ever success means to you) Its amazing what happens when you say them out loud. Some one might hear you.
o Develop new and exciting ideas and challenges to take my Business to the next level.
o Network…someone once said go to the opening of an envelope
o Making customer service a priority
o Support staff and establish their goals
o University in the car. I take every opportunity to learn so I do it on the road as well

As a Woman/Mother and Business owner I am very proud to say that I look forward to what the year and the economic climate has to offer and I will be looking for ways to ensure my company continues it’s growth and staff development.
I am always inspired to become better and learn from my mistakes and let me tell you I made my fair share of them. However I also like making mistakes because it gives me an opportunity to learn and grow.
A dear friend once asked me. “Why put energy into something g that may never happen” to keep this in perspective I will explain. How often do we worry about something that may never happen? Putting energy into the unknown rather than the known is not a worthwhile thing to do. If I am going to worry about something because I fear it may happen well I may as well give up now because it is going to happen.
Focus on what works and deal with the unknown when its know.

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