Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Business Owners – Why Are We Here?

The Autonomy of making decisions in my own business is one of the reasons for being here. What does it mean to be Autonomous? Well the Oxford Dictionary says……….
“Self government, Personal freedom”
I fit well with personal freedom. As a mother of 4, I love to have the flexibility to be able to take the day off to look after a sick child or go to the school assembly where my daughter may be performing or even take off to the coast early afternoon on a Friday. (This one needs to happen more often)
I make decisions with certain questions in the forefront of my thinking.
Is this the best decision for the organisation?
Does this fit in with my values?
Am I passionate about this?
If I make this decision how will this affect the team?
As a business owner we are also in business not just for the passion, also to make money and keep our business flourishing, then to grow the business.
Recently I have made a number of decisions that at times conflict with a number of the question I ask myself. However when the decision was made and final the feeling of exhilaration certainly overshadowed the minor disadvantages.
So ask yourself why am I in Business? This may bring you back to the core reasons for being in business and relight the spark that you may have started with a year ago or even 10 years ago.

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