Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Growth – Professional Vs Personal!

We often see the offer of personal growth courses and professional development course and sometimes it is hard to define the difference. I was once told by a Mentor of mine that if you are not growing you are dying. I think this is so true in all aspects of our lives. Growth is important, however sometimes we don’t know where to start or even when to start.
What is Personal Development?
Wikipedia states – Intellectual growth/life, spiritual growth/life, and creative expression
What is Professional Development?
Wikipedia states – refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement
Write down what you think it is……….
To some degree I think they are very much the same, I know if we participate in professional development workshops we may learn one or more specific aspect of a role or software or skill in our current or future workplace, however if you stop and think about growth as a whole you will soon see that as we learn new skills in our Job/Business it can also provide a level of personal growth;
Increased self confidence
Higher level of independence
Increase in employability skill (better options)

If we work on personal development and attend some workshops we also gain;
Increased self confidence
Higher level of independence
More opportunity for continued growth

At Mantra Training & Development, we are not only focused on the qualification you are enrolled in, we are also incorporating personal growth to ensure a greater level of opportunity in life.
Imagine learning about time management in your business course you could ask yourself “how can I apply this in my personal life”?
Understanding emotional intelligence can not only assist with team development in the workplace but it goes a long way in respect to communicating better with the family on a personal level.

In conclusion
Look for ways to get the most from your training experience and if you have had significant growth in one area of your life then apply the principles to as many aspects of your life for greater benefit. This will will have a flow on effect to your family and your team in the workplace.