Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas to all you bloggers and have a safe and prosperous new year. We look forward to hearing from you in 2010
I was so excited to have received a message from Anthony Robbins a few days ago I knew I had to shear this. Whilst some may think he is over the top and some may love him this message comes from what he learned from my most admired and respected mentor, Mr Jim Rohn.
One of the messages was “Stand guard at the door of your mind”. This has been so true for me over the years and this is why I don’t watch the news or read the papers as they don’t feed the mind very good stuff. I also know we need a balance and I personally get this from reading a wide variety of books and insightful magazine publications. Success magazine, B2B, management Today to name a few.
He also says to feed the mind
He talks about your greatest enemy adding a teaspoon of sugar to your tea and this makes it sweeter but if your best friend adds a drop of poison to your tea and you drink it you die….so stand guard………
FEED the MIND…….good stuff, positive as well as negative, we need the balance, we need to hear about the challenges that some face and how they overcome adversity and move forward, not the continuous negative news on the TV and Newspapers. Ask yourself what do you feed the mind and maybe you could be more conscious of this. I have added the link below for you to listen to a few minutes of how Tony overcame adversity of being homeless or being diagnosed with a brain Tumour and more…..
Take the time to do some reading over the break, some of the books I am currently reading are just fascinating, Blink how to think without thinking, Malcolm Gladwell, Excuses Begone, Dr Wayne Dyer, The Gratitude Effect, Dr Demartini. These are all fantastic and some great lessons and inspiring thoughts in these.
I would love to hear from you and see what you are reading over the Christmas Break. I hope you get to enjoy some family time and catch up with friends…..remember we only have one life to live so we best make it a good one. The past is the past and future is what ever we want to make it… dream big and discover your ability to achieve.
Bye for now… Anthony Robbins always says LIVE WITH PASSION……

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Growth – Professional Vs Personal!

We often see the offer of personal growth courses and professional development course and sometimes it is hard to define the difference. I was once told by a Mentor of mine that if you are not growing you are dying. I think this is so true in all aspects of our lives. Growth is important, however sometimes we don’t know where to start or even when to start.
What is Personal Development?
Wikipedia states – Intellectual growth/life, spiritual growth/life, and creative expression
What is Professional Development?
Wikipedia states – refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement
Write down what you think it is……….
To some degree I think they are very much the same, I know if we participate in professional development workshops we may learn one or more specific aspect of a role or software or skill in our current or future workplace, however if you stop and think about growth as a whole you will soon see that as we learn new skills in our Job/Business it can also provide a level of personal growth;
Increased self confidence
Higher level of independence
Increase in employability skill (better options)

If we work on personal development and attend some workshops we also gain;
Increased self confidence
Higher level of independence
More opportunity for continued growth

At Mantra Training & Development, we are not only focused on the qualification you are enrolled in, we are also incorporating personal growth to ensure a greater level of opportunity in life.
Imagine learning about time management in your business course you could ask yourself “how can I apply this in my personal life”?
Understanding emotional intelligence can not only assist with team development in the workplace but it goes a long way in respect to communicating better with the family on a personal level.

In conclusion
Look for ways to get the most from your training experience and if you have had significant growth in one area of your life then apply the principles to as many aspects of your life for greater benefit. This will will have a flow on effect to your family and your team in the workplace.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Strategic Approach To Developing Skills!

Are you feeling a little stale in your industry or even your interpersonal skills, communication skills? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder and become the leader in your workplace, or get the job of your dreams?

Keeping fresh and up to date with employability skills can be a challenge, however it doesn’t have to be impossible. Ensuring that your interpersonal skills are well polished allows you to become a greater asset to the marketplace which is critical in these times. Employers want to hold on to good staff and support for long term retention wherever possible.

Some of the strategies that I personally employ when it comes to growth are good old books. I know finding the time to sit and read them can also be a challenge but well worth the fight. Each time I read a new book it takes me to a new level of knowledge and understanding both personally and in a professional capacity. I read a good balance of business books and personal development, and also some from the spiritual realm. Over the past 6 years I have been building up a brilliant library that I intend to continue adding to as the years go by. I ensure I have a good balance of books and Audio in the library and at any given time I am happy to loan them to anyone who is honest enough to return once they have finished the experience.

University in the car………who ever invented the CD player in the car I am forever grateful. I don’t think you would ever get into my car without stepping on some kind of educational material on my floor (I am not messy the cases are very neatly placed on the floor so passengers can have a seat). If you spend more than 15 minutes a day in the car then this would be ideal for you to get an education whilst you are on your way to work or your next interview. How inspired would you be listening to Jim Rohn, or Denis Waitley, the interview would be sensational… of your best.

Having Mentors is a great way to ensure you continue to grow, mentors don’t have to be known they can be the great philosophers or just some one that you aspire to become. Like-mindedness’ is something I think is an important key to greater success, surrounding yourself with likeminded people make the transition to great even easier.

Another form of growth is the more formal approach, however at times this is a little harder to obtain especially when we already have a busy schedule. Mantra Training & Development have a very supportive environment that is focussed on the participants and their specific desired outcomes. Whilst you may be in a classroom environment it is still about a one on one approach for the individual to enhance the learning experience. Understanding your needs is vital to the success of the specific training program.

Visit our website and see what we have to offer or come and talk to us about a Training Needs Analysis.


Donna CoxCEO/Director