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Investing in your Education - Real Skills for Real Careers

Investing In Your Education!

Here at Mantra Training & Development we want you to learn and grow but more importantly we want you to find your hidden skills and be able to develop those skills and turn them into Real Skills for Real Careers. If you cant use a computer with confidence, let us help you develop those skills, if you want to become a Work Health and Safety Officer, a Admin Officer or someone who has Leadership potential in your organisation,  let us help you develop those skills.

It is really important when you are starting a new career or just updating your skills that you find a training provider that suits you and your needs in education. This could also be about the location, the atmosphere and more importantly the trainers whom are going to be sharing knowledge and skills with you. You have to build up trust and rapport with them and also feel that they are providing value. Lets face it you are investing in your education and you want to be able to develop real skills for real careers. 

#RealSkillsforRealCareers Take a look at the video below with amazing case studies of people investing in their education.

Ask if the course you would like to do is flexible, can you come to class and study at home. Ask if the course is funded as the ACT has many funded programs on offer. Talk to the course coordinator and share your concerns, this will assist you in making the right choice.   

Habitual Learning

Most people that know me, know that I am addicted to reading and listening to educational materials, in particular I love audio books. For the past 15 years I have been listening to educational programs in my car, when I am walking or just waiting for an appointment at the doctors or dentist I am learning. In fact I like it when they are running late as this gives me more time to stop and listen to some great stuff. Over the years I have had a walk-man, an iPod shuffle to an iPod touch and an iPhone. I have it on my computer and in the office, it is everywhere.  Education at my fingertips!

I wasn't always a strong reader, in fact i used to have to read a book many times to be able to absorb the information but it never stopped me. I recall reading paragraph over and over again. I also remember many years ago having one of Steven Covey book and I had to read it with a Dictionary next to me as i didn't know the meaning of many words in the book so it took me months to read. Now I can read a book in a day or two.
I recall last year I had a strong desire to be by the sea so I took myself and my book to the Ocean and stood in the water reading and I was in heaven, i felt like I had the best of both worlds at my fingertips.

I have listened to some of the audios that I have more than 20 times. Jim Rohn has a seminar that was held in 2004 and I have continued to learn from him for the past 10 years. One of the great lessons he taught me was to listen to it all. Listen to Gandhi and Hitler and then make up your own mind on what you learn from them. Over the years I have built up a library of many great Philosophers to one hit wonders, as my father would call them. I read as much as I can and then decide what to take from each one and apply this to my life but only if this is aligned with my values and Goals. 

Many years ago when I was learning about NLP (neuro linguistic programming), I though I was learning too slowly and was frustrated and fearful I was never going to get it. Then one day I realised everything clicked and I found myself using this tool effectively and often unconsciously. Now I understand that I am learning as much as I can in the time that I need to and it all comes into your consciousness at the right time. One thing is for sure, we never stop learning. As Tony Robbins once said "if you aren't growing you are dying, just like a tree"

Formal Education + Self education

Formal Education is a necessity of life. If we want to progress in our Career formal skills can provide opportunities or if we need to enhance skills as technology changes and the needs of the organisation change. Just look at marketing for example, this has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and more so in the past 5 years. How marketing was done 10 years ago doesn't work today.We can reach more people in less time that 10 years ago.

Formal education such as Traineeships and Apprenticeships allow us to get a foot in the door of the industry we want to explore in our early years or even later in life when we want a career change. These opportunities allow us to earn at the same time as learning and obtaining a Formal education in Vocational Education and Training. Self-education is where we educate yourself by identifying there is something we don't know and researching how to apply this in real life.

If you look at Entrepreneurs for example you will see that they are all self-educated and had very little formal education. Take a look at Richard Branson, Jim Rohn, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford. They all dropped out of College or didn't even go to College. They have all become successful but I can assure you they certainly worked hard on their self-education and surrounding themselves with the right people.

Education makes you wealthy?

Recently I went to PNG to trek Kokoda and I learned that they choose one child to go to school and get an education as it is not affordable to send all children to school. Just one child out of 2 or 4 children gets an opportunity to have an education....this was a great shock and also a realisation as to how fortunate we are.  Its just normal for us all to go to school and get an education. Its normal for us to have constant access to books. Lets face it how much does a library card cost??......that's right its FREE!!

I recall reading in Richard Branson's Biography about a lady who wanted to borrow $300 to buy a sewing machine and she promised to pay him back. She was an educated Business Woman who saw an opportunity and took it with both hands. Now Richard didn't think he would see the money ever again but three years later when he visited that village again, he got the money back. They were waiting for him to return the money and thank him for his kindness. The lady had built up her business and employed a number of staff and she was thriving.

My own personal experience has been a true testament to this. When I wasn't educating myself it was costing me my future. It was costing me as a Parent and it was costing me as an Entrepreneur. When I wasn't reading, I wasn't learning, I was making mistakes and didn't have any leverage to learn from them. Once I understood what self-education could do for me I never stopped reading, listening and learning.

I am currently listening to SEO for Growth and it is truly insightful into the land of SEO. The amazing thing is when I first wrote a blog on investing in your education in 2012 I was reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, This is really amazing as it talks about the compound effect which realistically is what SEO is all about, well the end result is compounded hits to your website, the more traffic the more sales, the more your business grows. 

Both books and many more contribute to you self education. Programs like these will all be that investment in your education that you will always reap the rewards from.
Remember, knowledge is not power….. it is potential power.

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Till next time keep investing in yourself,

Donna Moulds

Friday, November 24, 2017

Find your passion and make it purposeful.

I have had many discussions over the years where people ask me how did I know what my purpose was, where did this come from, and how with I know what mine is?

Its actually difficult to explain as I am not sure how it occurred, I just knew what I was supposed to do and this has continued at different stages of my life. Maybe I am just lucky, or maybe I listed to what my internal direction is telling me. One thing I do know is your purpose changes at time your life takes on a new direction. We go through many stages in life and depending on what that is for you at the time your purpose many change.

In my late teens I knew I was supposed to be a Mum, I knew I was going to have children and I had this vision of the family, the home and the way in which that would evolve over the years. (not always what I got but it was reasonably close)

In my late 20's and early thirties I knew that things were changing and also divorce occurred and life took a different path. Mother hood and always trying to do my best was a priority.  I was always a passionate mother and did the best I knew how as a Mother and Wife. It was 2003 in a time of real hardship that I then discovered my passion for learning and sharing knowledge. Now in my late forties I have had a decade + of being passionate about shared knowledge and opportunity to learn.

I already have a passion for teaching and this will take a different form over the next few years. But my Purpose is still strong and the vision of the purpose is crystal clear to me. At times I have doubt I can pull it off but for the most part 90% I am clear and driven.


What is Purpose?

noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes
  1. 1.
    the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

  2. 2.
    a person's sense of resolve or determination.

    "there was a new sense of purpose in her step as she set off"

In some cases we need to identify what we are passionate about first to be able to find our purpose. If you think about the meaning for a moment the REASON or a sense of RESOLVE, mostly reason and resolve have a great deal of energy behind them, something that lights a spark inside you. We can look at our life and see that we have strong values about things such as family, fighting a cause or being an innovator in something that needs solving.

What is Passion?

noun: passion; plural noun: passions; noun: Passion; noun: the Passion
strong and barely controllable emotion.

"a man of impetuous passion" (Or woman, I added this bit)

Passion to me is about truly believing in what you do and doing it to the best of your ability even when you don't feel like it. I have a number of things in my life I am truly passionate about such as family, business, supporting those that I can when I can, writing.

Take the time and think about what lights you up inside, what do you feel strongly about and how can you turn this into something you love. Some of the things that I like fill me with a sense of joy and also doubt, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do it it means I should do it more.

Always remember that life is a journey not a destination and we are here to enjoy the moments that give us meaning and create meaning by leaving a legacy for those to follow.

Till next time, live passionately, laugh loud and enjoy the journey.


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Monday, October 9, 2017

Creating Sexy Brain

Learning is the new sexy.....

A stimulated brain can be really powerful and sexy. When you are learning some thing new you are stimulating your brain and creating good chemicals, you know those feel good chemicals we crave more of. Mental stimulation can give you clarity and a more optimistic outlook, it can also create many different emotions depending on what the stimulation is. I know myself when I am stimulated through learning and development it can also feel good that it creates a great sense of achievement when we succeed in what we are learning. 

Getting outside of your comfort zone 

This can create many different chemical reactions in your body and can send the brain into a bit of a spin. Imagine learning something you have always wanted to like, ballroom dancing, Karate, speed reading or parachuting. You can fluctuate between excitement and fear, but you still want to do it anyway. I remember the first time I was about to tandem parachute I wanted to be sick but really wanted to do it. I had that fear of the unknown and the excitement of doing something new.

A little bit of stress can create a sense of fear but also that feeling of wanting more. I don't know about you but if I am having a massage from sitting to long or exerting myself when exercising it hurts but its a pain that you know will help in the long term. Learning is a bit like this, you know its hard but you know their are rewards at the end. 

Why create a sexy brain

Do you want to learn how to create a sexy brain? Here are a few simple things to do to get started. In this blog I am going to share some very simple facts about learning and how this can create a sexiness about you I am certain you had not really thought to much about.

When you develop your brain you feel more sure of yourself as you have a wider variety of knowledge and you may also become attracted to people who also have a desire to create a sexy brain. When you have greater confidence in your ability to do new things you develop a greater capacity to overcome challenges in life as you learn new way of focusing, planning and searching for results.

 Growth is part of human development, we can grow through choice or we grow through force. What I mean by this is if you choose to learn new skills then that's through choice. If you are forced to grow this can be from something negative such as being performance managed in your workplace or in your personal life a relationship breaks down through lack of communication or due to two people growing apart.

How to start to develop a sexy brain

Step 1
Be curious and seek opportunities to learn
Step 2 
Create a healthy lifestyle, good food, plenty of water and fresh air and sunshine, no/reduce chemical stimulants

Step 3
Leave fear behind and embrace new ideas and concepts (False Evidence Appearing Real)
Step 4
Start reading, watching and emulating, sometimes we learn bets from others who are doing it well.

What does creating a sexy brain bring to your life

  • A greater intellect and can create a craving for learning
  • A greater depth of conversation with anyone as you have a wider knowledge base
  • A healthier brain is a stimulated brain, not full of false stimulants
  • A sense of clarity that can encourage creativity in various aspects of life

I love Dr Amen's work on Brain Health and I have attached a link that talks about the prescriptions to Brain Health 

A number of years ago I read a book called "The Brain that changes itself" this was an amazing book that gave me such a thirst for information about the brain and Neuroplasticity. 

Now this is not to say you want to learn about the brain, but what ever you want to learn about or develop skills in you can access. We have a wealth of free information at our fingertips, all you have to do is get started! 


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Embrace Change with Curiosity

What does this mean you may ask? "Embrace Change with Curiosity" 

What we all should know by the time we are adults if not before hand,is that change is inevitable. It happens in families and it also happens in our career. Some people have jobs that change continuously, some have lives where they move a lot so change happens in the surroundings where we live and new friendships are made along the way.

The change that I am speaking about is internal, it's the change that I personally had been reluctant to see up until this morning. Well maybe this occurred yesterday as I was reading the book "The road less traveled". For some months now I have been going through a very challenging time, and some of that time in dark patches and other in just stagnant frustration.  None the less at times I felt like a crazy person on a deserted island with only my thoughts. Not a pretty sight!

As a Trainer I often see what we refer to as light-bulb moments, so when this happens for myself I think I am a little slow at seeing it internally. But this morning was a massive light-bulb moment and here is what happened;
  • I realised my frustration about how I feel was futile and I dint need to understand what was going on internally. It just is what it is!
  • I then realised that I don't feel the same as I did 6 months ago because I am not the same person I was 6 months ago (a lot of shit has gone down since then) Growth!
  • Then it was that moment of awakening occurring at a rate that I don't feel I was keeping up with as I had not acknowledged the above, therefore how could I embraced it.
  • The weight that came off my shoulders was incredible, it was a great sense of freedom and acknowledgement that this is the normal process of growth. Easier to see externally :)
The old saying that "If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got" could not be more true today. The fact that I didn't see I was doing the same and expecting the same was the block. 

To get to this point will be different for everyone but what I know is we all have the ability to get to the state of enlightenment with what ever challenges we have. What we do have to figure out is the how! 
For me it was letting go of the struggle to understand, walk in nature and freeing my constant thinking about what wasn't feeling good/balanced or why I wasn't feeling the same as I did even 3 months ago.

The simple truth is I'm not the same, I've changed/grown, evolved with the pain and discomfort of recent events. The specifics of the events are the story and telling the story again and again never helps, it keeps you stuck. 

I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read and reflect on this blog without judgment of my vulnerability to write about such personal pain.

Till next time, stay fabulous,

Donna Moulds

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Authentic Conversations Part 2

Why part 2......?

The real reason for this blog being revamped, re posted and updated is a personal lesson for me. Recently I have not been having the authentic conversations, with people I need to and in particular I have not been having the authentic conversations with myself. This has caused a great deal of pain for me and also significantly impacted my health both physically and mentally. So this was timely to reminder to myself to realign with my soul and nurture myself back to the place I am strong, centered and at peace.

Taking my power back and getting my authenticity to speak. Its important to realise we are all human and all have times of struggle, this is often surprising to me that the perception is some have it all together all of the time and this is just not true. Doing the work can be arduous at times but the payoffs are worth it. You are worth it!

In 2015 I first wrote about Authentic Conversations through my Blog, this reached a few people who I then spoke to in a more personal way as they were intrigued about what this really meant and wondered if it was as easy as it sounds. The other questions were around how to start to have these conversations and how will people react. More importantly I reinforced the fact that this would have an overall positive effect on their life and their health. When we are being authentic (our true self) we feel more balanced, we feel free of resentment and free from feeling anxious when we can not speak freely. 

A life without authentic conversations is like a life without bearing your soul.

When I speak from the heart in an authentic way I am free in my mind and body, its a weightlessness that sets me free from all fear.  False Evidence Appearing Real

As an adult educator I am always thinking about language and how we can lift people with our language, or how we can contribute to other peoples lives in a genuine way. One of the ways in which we can do this is through authentic conversations. An authentic conversation is one that comes from the heart and not so much the head. These conversations have a place in all realms of our life, business, personal, networking, even with a stranger. Authentic conversations are easy to have we just need to allow ourselves to not overthink or come from a fear based perspective (what will they think? how will they react, what if I upset someone).

What is an authentic conversation?

An authentic conversation is never a negative conversation it is a true conversation even with a tough subject. If you have to provide feedback to a staff member, if you have to tell a loved one you are feeling hurt, or even when you have to say no to someone. I personally have a life where I say what I need to say for the greater good. I tell my partner I'm disappointed that he didn't talk to me about something that we should be talking about in our relationship.
More importantly when you have an authentic conversation and say what you really need to say then you can let it go, you don't need to hold onto negativity or allow thoughts to distract you from enjoying life. Nor do you feel the need to stay mad at your loved one because you have said how you feel they have heard it and accepted this is your feeling and you can find a way to move on from this very quickly.

Try really does work.

Authentic conversations in the workplace.

This can be more challenging because you have so many personalities to negotiate with. However an authentic conversation is using your personal power even when the team dynamics are challenging.

Authentic conversations need to be developed in a team where people do not need to feel threatened because you are being truthful (I don't think this is a good idea because........, can we look at this idea and see if it has any possibilities?)

An authentic conversation happens when someone compliments another person or provides feedback in a constructive manner. What amazes me regularly is when I get clients to do a SWOT analysis and they find it hard to come up with the weaknesses but struggle to find their own strengths. We have to overcome this stigma about openly saying we are skilled in an particular area of our role or multiple roles.

How to have an authentic conversation.

Authentic conversations are easier to have than you may think. Its about knowing what you want to say without ego or anger. Its about knowing how you feel about the situation or the emotion you may be experiencing. Its not about being right and its not about making someone else feel bad.

At workshop we recently held with Justin Herald he spoke in depth abut keeping it real and doing business in an authentic way. This was a great reminder "If something doesn't feel right don't do it".

It is about being real and discussing things that need to be discussed. Communication is one of the most powerful and useful tools we have. We also have the choice to communicate even if people don't want to listen we have the freedom to speak (we are not always heard).


Bill I really need to talk to you about something, is now a good time? Today when you raised your voice at Mary I felt it was inappropriate and I would like to know if you think their is a better way to approach a situation like this in the future. 

Can you tell me what was going on for you? 
How do you think Mary may have felt? 
Thank you for talking openly about this I really appreciate your honesty. 

When you are having an authentic conversation with someone it is important to take the time to ask good questions but also wait for the person to think about what you have asked. An authentic conversation is generated by speaking the truth, asking good questions and really listening to what the person has to say.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself, when was the last time I had an authentic conversation?

Authentic conversations start with yourself, being real with your internal dialog and then having a genuine conversation with others. Asking questions of yourself and seeking the answers. Could I have responded better, did i tell the truth in that situation or was I avoiding a reaction?

If you struggle to get answers maybe its time to seek some assistance. Some of the ways I am able to become more authentic are;
  • Time in reflection, sitting quietly and looking within. "why did I react in this way" "what must be going on for ??"whats really going on for me right now?
  • Meditation - for me this is key and on the beach is my bliss 
  • Talking to a mentor to gain a different perspective
  • Perceptual positioning (putting myself in the other person's shoes and also seeking wise council)
  • Identify and Remove FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real
If you would like to know more about this subject and feel your team could benefit from more authentic conversations, please contact us at we would love to be part of your staff development schedule in 2017/2018

Till next time stay strong and focused and most of all authentic.

Donna Moulds
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thinking outside the box.

what we lose along the journey of life.

Throughout our life we are faced with many situations and each situation we come face to face with requires different thinking. When we are babies we don't have to think to much as this is mostly done for us. Then we become toddlers and life has different meaning. We get to explore, we fall down and we learn how to become more independent. As the years pass we go though teenage stuff and then enter the big world of adulthood. Somewhere along the journey we seem to lose some of the resilience we were born with. You know when you start to walk you fall down 100 times and get back up 101 times. You fall off the swing and graze your knee yet you go back to the swing and get right back on with a laugh at how silly falling was. 

Fast forward a few decades and something is missing, we aren't the same resilient beings we were when we were young. Why is this? I often contemplate this for myself and I know that at times we take a turn in life that doesn't work out, and then another. Slowly but surely our confidence is chipped away  and we don't seem to spend a great deal of time building the muscle of resilience back up.

What I know for sure is that I see more and more people in my field both as colleagues and as student's feeling stressed, unworthy, even depressed and suffering from bouts of anxiety. This is certainly on the increase and terribly concerning for the next generation coming into the workforce. The ability to cope with change seems to be a real issue in today's workforce and in day to day life. Yet change is inevitable because life changes, love changes and careers change. 

This video is a a really cool example of how millennials are being perceived and some of the problems that are prevalent in today's world especially with social media and the the desire to be liked. Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace. As you listen to Simon take note of what you personally resonate with and ask yourself how true this is for you or someone you know that is struggling in aspects of their life. As we know it's not just millennials who are struggling to find job satisfaction or even peace and happiness. As Simon points out Joy is one of those things that seems to be missing, joy in your relationships, joy in family interaction and joy in your career aspirations.

Learning to think outside the box     

What does it really mean to think outside the box? For me it means not getting stuck in a situation and having the awareness that there are always other perspectives. To have the knowledge that all situations will pass over time or with a different decision. A different decision could mean having that hard conversation to clear the air, or saying no instead of yes to please others. It can also mean you are getting better at listening to your gut and following your heart not other peoples desires.

For me personally I changed a number of aspects of my life not all at once but certainly at important times in my life where it was necessary to take a stand or change my path. I remember them like they were yesterday and in no particular order, I'll share some of them: 
  • I realised I didn't have to spend time with people I didn't want to.
  • Saying No was very important to my own well-being
  • The realisation that life is far to short and precious to be worried about the small stuff. If only I got this one sooner many things would have been different especially for my kids (no regret just acknowledgement)
  • No regrets in life just lessons to learn
  • Happiness is within me, if I attempt to seek this from outside of me it can also be taken away.
  • What you think of me is none of my business 
  • Try doesn't exist, either I do it or I don't, I can not try
  • Forgive yourself and others not for what it does for them but only for how it sets me free of negative emotions
  • The past does not equal the future, someone once explained to me that Depression is focusing on the past and anxiety is worry about the future. It is better to live in the present moment.
  • my own emotional intelligence can be my greatest asset
These are just a small number of things that I learned along the way and some of the lessons I have learned have been the greatest tools to become more resilient and think outside the box. By not constricting myself to thinking small and settling for anything less than I deserve for myself. I am the only person that should ever decide my worth, my happiness and my successes.  

Till next time stay strong, stay focused and love yourself deeply to build that resilient muscle. 

Keep your eye out for my next blog where I will have a survey, If you would like to take my brief survey to help me understand what content you want to read in my Blogs and membership sites jump right in as I would love to know how I can better serve my readers.

Donna Moulds
Building resilience beyond contemplation

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vision + Planning + Productivity = Increased Results

What are the benefits of being a productive person?

To produce is to achieve what ever you want to achieve, it really is that simple! 

If you want to increase your fitness you must be productive in your exercise regime, if you want to write a book you must produce the biography, the love story or the self help book for your industry, one page or chapter at a time

The benefits of productivity are the results of what you are doing, so if you are consistently procrastinating because you want things to be perfect, you are not going to make progress (no action = no results). If you are working at perfecting everything before you move on; there are tasks you will never complete.  A truly productive person is looking for the results of their action or activity to be able to move forward. 

Here is an example of a perfectionists issue:
(Doris's problem) My website hasn't been launched yet as its not perfect, as a result of not launching my website I am not making money, I can't make any money if I don't launch my website, but it's not perfect. 
Solution - launch the site and make the changes as its being used, consumer use will identify areas for improvement and feedback will identify usability issues that web designers can fix on the go.  

As Jim Rohn and many other philosophers would say "you must sow the seeds to reap the rewards of your hard work". 

Why become a productive person?

If you sit back and reflect on your vision and your goals then the WHY becomes pretty clear.

Why become a productive person? So you can get done all the things that need to be done in the most efficient way possible. I'm not talking about cutting corners that you shouldn't be cutting, I'm talking about being so efficient that you then have more time to do the things you want to do that may not be career focused or income focused. Let me give you some examples,

  • I write my blogs early in the morning because I think more clearly in the morning, ideas flow and then I can get on with the day.
  • If you are in sales you have to be super productive because you only have so many hours in the working day to make calls and meet with prospective clients, so being productive prior to 9am is imperative in your planning, then making the most of the hours between 9-5 for income producing activity is going to mean greater opportunities to develop more revenue and build client relationships.
  • Planning the day before it starts, planning the month before it starts gives you greater focus and less opportunity for distraction and procrastination.
  • Using your diary as a tool to keep you on time and prepared for your meetings. If its in the diary stick to it. What has not been done needs to move to the next day, so you become more focused on completing the tasks each day as you know adding more to a full day can create pressure.
  • Being productive and ticking things off can provide a great sense of accomplishment
This is not a To Do list we are talking about here, this is a productive life that gives you balance and reduces pressure because you are getting all the things you need to get done, done.

Productivity increases when you are organised?

When you are organised and ticking the tasks off you are reinforcing in your own mind that you can be organised, that you are on the right path and that you are a step closer to achieving the goals that you set out to achieve.

If you are planning too many things in your day and can not possibly get them all done you are setting yourself up for failure. At times we also go in for the negative self talk and this is detrimental to becoming more productive.

If your reading this and saying I don't want to be more productive, I like how I do things, then stop reading, this is not the BLOG for you......and that's ok! 

If you do want know more, think about a few of the following tips to be able to get into a routine of increased productivity.

How to Become a Productive Person

To become a more productive person it is obvious you have to do differently to what you have done in the past. It is super important to find your own flow or best practice, because we all know what works for me may not work for you. To find my flow I have to give other strategies a go till I get one or more that work for me, you will need to do the same. Trial and error are the key here.
  • Think about what you want to achieve in your day the night before and jot some notes down. This is also helpful when you have a challenge you want to resolve, think of the problem and then ask for solutions, look at the challenge from different angles and then sleep on it. This is not worry, this is a solution finding technique.
  • Write down your top 5 tasks in order of priority, do the most challenging first to get it out of the way and ensure you are not procrastinating. (Eat the frog is a great E-book to help with procrastination)
  • Review your day and move anything outstanding to the next day as the high priority. 
  • Delegate what you can, to enable to you focus on the more important tasks.
  • Identify what needs to be done in business hours and what can be done in after hour depending on your job role. Prioritise your tasks in this way to ensure focus is maintained.
  • Review what you are doing and what is working, if something isn't working then adjust accordingly until you find your own flow and best practice to get the results you are looking for.

Vision + Planning + Productivity = Increased Results

Go forth and get great results, Donna Moulds

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